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“Empact provides insights and data that far surpasses what Foundation Center (now candid) has to offer.” 

Executive Director – Pincus Family Foundation

Building & Segmenting Profiles of  Social Impact Organizations

Phase ONE: To develop a growing database of educational organizations and impact.


4 Milestones that we will  accomplish during our MVP Launch


Develop profiles of nonprofits, foundations, and institutions supporting students in the education sector.


Gather understandings of the stakeholders impacting and being impacted by  education initiatives.


Provide validations behind the inputs and outcomes that can move students and communities.


Highlight areas of alignment between the organizations & outcomes supporting students.



Nonprofits need insights into the metrics that are most important to achieving their outcomes that align their mission with community-wide needs.

  • Understand your impact against the needs of the community you serve.
  • Insights into the impact of your organization
  • Gain insights into the landscape of the community your serve
  • Align and connect with potential funder and partners



Foundations, as investors in impact, need a clear ability to see how their investments impact the larger issues their priorities are designed to meet.


  • Understand the impact current and potential grantees have against community need
  • Gain insights into the impact of your grantmaking
  • Align your organizational priorities to the needs of the communities you support



From cities and municipalities to universities and collective impact initiatives, institutions need insights to understand needs and opportunities for community success.


  • Understand the stakeholder landscape addressing the needs of your community.
  • Gain insights to create a framework for public-private partnerships.
  • Align and work with stakeholders to support community-wide initiatives.

Be Informed

From being interviewed to sharing best practices  – our team is always inspired to share about what we do and are passionate about. 

Empowering Impact Where It’s Needed

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